2013 Update- Jason’s Bagged BMW E60

I met up with my good friend Jason yesterday morning to snap a few shots of his 535i. We had an idea to do an early-morning downtown shoot; but as fate would have it, our plans conflicted with the Shamrock Shuffle. But no biggie, we just improvised and went further north in the city looking […]

Wallpaper Tuesdays

Here are some free High RES wallpapers from some of my favorite shoots over the last year- 1920 x 1080. Crossing fingers some Eastern European outfits don’t bootleg our shit now…..



Static Daily- Jason’s BMW 535i

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Click on each pic for a higher resolution image. In the summer of 2011 Jason Kiang was living the good life. He had a pretty rad TL on Work Meisters, a sweet downtown apartment, unsavory friends, and a dog that loved him. But then, tragedy hit… […]