“Red Death” Mike’s M3 (E90)

Mike Maravilla has been a good friend of mine and collaborator with JDM Chicago over the last few years. His media group, Unscene Media has been instrumental in capturing the essence of official jdmc events. Most people have seen his Melborne Red M3 at local meets, but not many know much about the car. […]

2013 Update- Jason’s Bagged BMW E60

I met up with my good friend Jason yesterday morning to snap a few shots of his 535i. We had an idea to do an early-morning downtown shoot; but as fate would have it, our plans conflicted with the Shamrock Shuffle. But no biggie, we just improvised and went further north in the city looking […]

Wallpaper Tuesdays

Here are some free High RES wallpapers from some of my favorite shoots over the last year- 1920 x 1080. Crossing fingers some Eastern European outfits don’t bootleg our shit now…..



Kristin’s 2006 E86 BMW M Coupe

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When the JDMC forums started back in 2009, almost immediately we added a European section for the J-Spec Euro cars we have grown to love . Some people may be against this movement, but we have […]

Static Daily- Jason’s BMW 535i

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Click on each pic for a higher resolution image. In the summer of 2011 Jason Kiang was living the good life. He had a pretty rad TL on Work Meisters, a sweet downtown apartment, unsavory friends, and a dog that loved him. But then, tragedy hit… […]