Autobahn Track Day

Earlier this week several of us decided to hit up Autobahn for a track day. Special Thanks to Larry and Chris for hooking up the tent and tools. Enjoy the pics, and don’t forget to click on each pic for a higher res version! I apologize if the perspective seems a bit redundant as our […]

Project X 350z

You guys may remember the dual 350z we featured a few years ago… Since then, Neil has sold his Z but Larry’s Z has transformed into a totally different car. With his shop Project X at his disposal, he along with the rest of the Project X team have created this fine example of a […]

Project X 350z

Photos: Brad Sillars (Photomotive)

We covered Larry’s 350z car back in 2009, but it’s changed significantly since then. This car is now currently featured April’s issue of Import Tuner (currently out now). Brad was nice enough to give us some bonus shots not featured in the magazine. Some noticeable improvements since our last feature is […]

Mini-Feature: Stanced Z’s

Eric & Tanya’s Nissan 350z’s

Photos: Brad Sillars of

Discuss the car by clicking here.

This is an all time feature record for us, as Tanya has changed her look yet again. You guy may remember her last aggressive DPE setup, but those are gone, and replaced with fresh Advan RG-D’s. This is […]

Mini Feature- 2003 Nissan 350z

Spring Z

Tanya’s 2010 Update

Words: Ginash George Photos: Jeremy Cliff

You may remember Tanya’s car from a former feature. Well, she’s back with a new stance and look. Here is a brief update on the hotness. An aggressive transformation that rivals any car that claims to be low.

-JDM Chicago

Gallery (click thumb […]