Hot & Cold- Ray’s MX-5 ND

Ray has been through several great builds over the years, but the latest is an MX5 ND.  I’ve been wanting to take a few snaps since he picked up his TE’s, so we met up this weekend for some quick shots. See below and click on the  photo for a higher res version. 

Love […]

Photographer Spotlight

Photographer Spotlight: Matthew Jones


Internet: FB Page: MatthewJonesPhoto Instagram: @MatthewJonesPhoto

As a freelance photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to work and meet other photogs in the industry. Most of the guys are really humble and I wanted to showcase an up-and-coming talent who I feel you should know. When someone […]

Tommy’s 1990 Mazda Miata

Words: Mark Waterman Photography: Ethan Caldwell

The Miata is one of those cars that is seen differently by different people. To the average person, it’s a cute little convertible, perfect for your favorite sorority girl. The automotive enthusiast sees an inexpensive, lightweight, front engine, rear wheel drive roadster that is one of the purist […]

Miata Preview

Upcoming Feature of Tommy’s Miata. Photo by Ethan Caldwell. Click on the image for a higher res pic.

One Low Miata

Fabel’s Miata is probably one of the lowest static cars I’ve ever seen in person. More on this car in the future. Photo by JDMC Photog, Matt Magnino.