Zack’s Acura RSX (K24A2 Supercharged)

Pics & Words: Ginash George (Synth19 photo)

About a month ago or so I was contacted by Zack from Wisconsin who wanted me to shoot his car before he stored it for the winter. It seems like everyone is a photographer these days, so I don’t take it for granted when people ask me to […]

Project Widebody- Jeff’s 1991 Acura NSX

Photos & Words: Ginash George (Synth19 Photo)

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Any Honda/Acura NSX enthusiast has seen Jeff’s car in one form or another. With over 170,000 views on his original build thread on NSXPRIME, the attention Jeff has received on the forum is equivalent to a viral YouTube […]

Four-Six Customs Rocket Bunny

Touge Factory’s Four-Six Customs Rocket Bunny widebody s13 had it’s coming out party at Wekfest/Chicago. Arguably the highlight of the show, the buzz is still apparent even months after its debut. Local Photog, AJ Gillett did a full set recently for Speed Hunters. We got a hold of additional pics not previously posted on the […]

Black 2 Coverage- La Fin

So here we conclude our Black 2 Coverage. Chicago wants to thank the Liberty crew for providing such a great show, and making us feel @ home. We’ll be sure to be back next year, and hope to even bring a few more homies from Chi to join us. Here are a few more pics […]

Black 2 Coverage Part III

Just when you thought we were done, here is more coverage with a bit of info/detail on the show gems.

A very nice Lexus GS with NKB Seiken cup wheels (18×9 – 14 and 18×10 – 27).

Infiniti M35 with Luxury Abstract Wheels (Stella). The brushed faces and wheel lips look incredible in […]