Wheel Wednesdays!

Here is a collage of various wheel pics I shot over the past few years. Click here for a large 1920×1200 wallpaper.

Honda Overload

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The NSX community is a small and close-knit group. I’ve known Rick for several years as we have shared multiple PM’s and what not over at nsxprime.com. His NSX is not only one of the most desired color combo’s, but it’s one of only a handful […]

Bay Area NSX’s

Photos: Ginash George (Synth19 Photo) and Mike Maravilla (Unscene Media) Video: Mike Maravilla (Unscene Media)

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A group of us from Chicago planned to attend Wekfest in Norcal several months ago. As an NSX owner […]

Wekfest San Francisco 2012- (Part 2 of 6)

A few days since Wekfest SF ended, and finally recovering! Here is part 2 of a TON of pics I still have to go through. I haven’t even touched the pics by the other JDMC photogs, hence the reason I made space for 6 parts (just an estimate). Let’s now get to the pics…..